Siemens Healthineers launch in vitro diagnostic system

Lee Han-soo  Published 2017.10.16  18:01  Updated 2017.10.16 18:01


Siemens Healthineers said that the company has launched Atellica Solution, an in vitro diagnostic system for its global marketing.

Atellica Solution is easy to operate by an inspector in a diagnostic laboratory, which reduces the time required for inspection operations and allows more time to review the results, it said.

The machine consists of a sample manager, an immunoassay, and a chemical analyzer and is suitable for a mid- to a large-scale laboratory. It is also a customized analyzer that easily responds to unexpected scan extensions and spatial problems.

It can be connected up to 10 units such as specimen manager and analyzer, and more than 300 custom configurations are available in the form of linear, L-shaped and U-shaped. It can run independently or in conjunction with Aptio Automation to operate in automation systems as well as chemistry, immunology, blood, blood clotting and plasma protein analyzers.

Also, the Immuno Analyzer is capable of running 440 tests per hour, which makes it the industry’s top productivity per square meter.

The main feature of the Atellica Solution is that the Atellica Magline Transport carries the sample. The system, which is patented by Siemens, provides innovative and unique sample management capabilities as it is 10 times faster than conventional conveyor operating systems and allows for bi-directional movement of specimens.

“The launch of the game-changing Atellica Solution revolutionizes sample management and provides customers with the unprecedented flexibility to future-proof their labs,” said Franz Walt, president of Laboratory Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers 지멘스 헬시니어스.

The Atellica Solution was developed through extensive market research with laboratory professionals around the world. The result is a ground-breaking solution that provides simplified workflow, tighter control, and more time to focus on driving better business and clinical outcomes, he added.

Both the Atellica CH Analyzer and Atellica IM Analyzer are scheduled to begin domestic sales in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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