Medical device maker group signs MOU with European counterpart

Lee Han-soo  Published 2017.11.14  13:40  Updated 2017.11.14 13:40


Korean Medical Device Industrial Cooperation Association (KMDICA) said Tuesday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with European Medical Device Distributors Alliance (EMDDA).

Korean Medical Device Industrial Cooperation Association general manager Lee Jae-hwa and European Medical Device Distributors Alliance general manager Dino De Benetti Valeggia pose after signing the MOU agreement on Tuesday.

EMDDA is European medical device sales association composed of makers from 14 countries. The organization introduces overseas companies that want to enter the European market by holding two forums annually.

Under the agreement, Korean medical device companies will be able to advertise their products in Europe.

EMDDA also plans to match European companies that want to import and sell Korean medical devices.

“Through the agreement, the association expects to expand opportunities for exchanges and introduce Korea's excellent medical devices in Europe through EMDDA,” said Lee Jae-hwa 이재화, director general of KMDICA 한국의료기기공업협동조합.

The association also expects the agreement to become an opportunity for the joint development of medical equipment between the two groups, Lee added.

EMDDA also showed expectations about their cooperative ties.

“EMDDA member companies have shown much interest in Korean medical device products,” said Dino De Benetti Valeggia, director general of EMDDA. “The association expects that this business agreement will enable the Korean and European medical equipment industry to discuss furthering their business cooperation.”

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