Dong-A ST, ABL Bio agree on immunotherapeutic dual antibody anti-cancer drug

Lee Han-soo  Published 2018.01.24  18:15  Updated 2018.01.24 18:15


Dong-A ST said Tuesday that it has signed an agreement with ABL Bio, a domestic biotech research company, to develop an immunotherapeutic dual antibody anti-cancer drug.

Under the agreement, Dong-A ST will have a global monopoly on two pipelines of immunotherapeutic dual antibody anti-cancer drugs being developed by ABL Bio, while promoting cell development and process development, clinical development and commercialization.

ABL Bio will be in charge of deriving candidate substances for the currently ongoing anti-cancer drug targets.

The two companies expect that the new drug will maximize the immune response and anti-cancer effect by using an antibody that binds specifically to the antigens. The method will simultaneously affect both immune and cancer cells.

“With this agreement, the company has strengthened its R&D competitiveness by acquiring new compound drugs and antitumor drug pipeline in the field of immunotherapy,” said Kang Soo-hyun, vice president of Dong-A ST. “We aim to expand various agreements with other organizations in developing innovative immunocompromised drugs that can compete in the global pharmaceutical market.”

ABL Bio also expressed high expectations for the agreement.

“The company is confident that this agreement will lead to the development of first-in-class innovative new drugs by combining the two companies’ superior R& D capabilities,” ABL Bio CEO Lee Sang-hoon said.

Dong-A ST and ABL Bio also plan to form a consortium for the success of the joint development.

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