NHIS to hold health insurance policy workshop for Ghana officials

Marian Chu  Published 2018.05.14  15:18  Updated 2018.05.14 15:18


The National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) will invite around seven members from Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) for a workshop on health insurance policy, the state agency said Monday.

The invitational workshop will run from May 14-18, marking the sixth such annual event since 2013. The workshop will focus on issues related to expanding the health insurance system for subscribers in Ghana, the NHIS said.

“We hope this training program will help execute the pilot project of expanding the number of regional subscribers in Ghana and will do our best to help the country execute a successful pilot project,” an NHIS official said.

The workshop is being run as part of a project that fosters bilateral cooperation related to health insurance policy. Three agencies under the Ministry of Health and Welfare - the NHIS, Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH), and Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA) – have been working on the “Health Insurance Policy Cooperation Project” since 2013 to establish universal healthcare in developing countries.

The training will encompass discussions on health insurance systems of Korea and Ghana, lessons learned from pilot projects regarding health insurance in Korea, and data analysis of Ghana’s one-year pilot project that started in 2016 while providing suggestions for the second pilot project that began in April, the agency said.

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