Dongkook, Chong Kun Dang most popular in functional foods

Nam Doo-hyun  Published 2018.06.12  11:19  Updated 2018.06.12 15:36


Dongkook Pharmaceutical, Chong Kung Dang Healthcare, and Sanofi-Aventis Korea ranked high in the local functional foods market excluding pharmacies in the first quarter, industry data showed.

According to Nielsen Korea’s data on the distribution channels except for pharmacies, Dongkook’s products under the brand name Nature’s Vitamin Shop sold the most in the first quarter. Next came Chong Kun Dang Healthcare, a subsidiary of Chong Kun Dang. Sanofi’s Natures ranked third.

The top 18 companies sold 137.6 billion won ($127.7 million) in total in the first quarter. Among them, Dongkook’s revenue marked 982 million won.

Chong Kun Dang Healthcare followed with 887 million won sales, and Sanofi, 854 million won.

By distribution channel, 82 percent of Dongkook’s revenue, or 808 million won sales, came from department stores. Another 14 percent, or 140 million won, came from discount stores.

Chong Kun Dang Healthcare was strong in discount stores. About 91 percent of the company’s sales, or 810 million won, were derived from discount stories. Others included supermarket chains (7 percent, 61 million won) and independent supermarkets (2 percent, 14 million won).

Sanofi’s sales were evenly spread between department stores and discount outlets. Fifty-seven percent (490 million won) of the revenue came from department stores, and 43 percent (363 million won), discount stores.

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