Hanmi unveils two clinical trial results at EU conference

Lee Han-soo  Published 2018.06.12  15:36  Updated 2018.06.12 15:36


Hanmi Pharmaceutical said Tuesday that it has presented clinical trial results for Amosartan and Rovelito at the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).

The company's presentation included Amosartan’s effects on regulating the blood pressure and hypertension control on patients for 24 hours and Rovelito’s efficacy in treating blood pressure and dyslipidemia.

Professor Shin Jin-ho, who gave the presentation on Amosartan, conducted a trial on 143 patients with hypertension who did not respond to Angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) monotherapy. The study compared blood pressure and hemodynamic parameters between the Amosartan-treated group and the ARB/ hydrochlorothiazide-treated group for 20 weeks.

The results of the study showed that the Amosartan-treated group had better control of systolic blood pressure during the 24-hour active blood pressure period compared to the ARB/hydrochlorothiazide combination group. The research also showed the efficacy of the treatment in the systolic central blood pressure, pulse wave velocity (PWV) and Smoothness Index (SI).

“We confirmed that Amosartan was effective in depressurizing blood pressure and had vascular protecting effect in Asians who had night blood pressure problems due to salt ingestion,” Professor Shin said.

Professor Im Sang-hyun, who presented the clinical trial results on Rovelito, studied 931 hypertensive patients with dyslipidemia and their blood pressure and LDL-C regulatory effects for three months after the administrating Rovelitho.

"About 75 percent of patients treated with Rovelitho achieved both blood pressure and LDL-C goals,” Professor Im said. “Early use of a conjugate such as Rovelitho can provide excellent therapeutic effects and improved medication convenience to patients suffering from hypertension accompanied by dyslipidemia.”

Hanmi Pharmaceutical said Amosartan and Rovelitho are among the leading examples of market-leading products through partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

“The announcement at ESH once again confirmed the excellence of Amosartan and Robelito,” said Park Myung-hee, executive director of Hanmi Pharmaceutical. “We will continue to focus on market-based marketing to promote the effectiveness of Korean compound drugs.”

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