Pharma event to showcase AI-based solutions for new drug development

So Jae-hyeon  Published 2018.10.01  13:34  Updated 2018.10.01 13:34


The Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association (KPBMA) and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) said they would hold “AI Pharma Korea Conference” at COEX, southern Seoul, on Nov. 15.

The event aims to showcase the latest trends of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies and offer opportunities for foreign companies to team up with local pharmaceuticals to develop new medicines.

With high anticipations for AI-based new drug development, government agencies and various industrial groups will sponsor the upcoming conference. Sponsors include the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization, the Korea Drug Research Association, and the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association.

The event is titled, “How Artificial Intelligence can help Drug Discovery & Development - Collaboration & Innovation.” More than 300 participants, including officials from local drugmakers and AI-specializing companies, are expected to attend the conference.

Executives from leading pharmaceuticals in AI-based new drug development will speak on the latest information and technology trends.

Nine AI developers coming at the event include IBM Watson, Numerate, Numedii, and twoXAR from the U.S., Innoplexus from Germany, DeNA from Japan, and Standigm, Syntekabio and 3BIGS from Korea. The nine firms own state-of-the-art technologies aimed to develop innovative medicines.

Executives from the nine companies are scheduled to hold a news conference, before the main event, to share their insights about the future of the new drug development using AI technologies.

The main conference will introduce AI solution developers’ technologies and examples of technology applications to new drug development. It will also match local drug companies with AI developers for better business strategies.

“It will be a perfect opportunity to see the best solutions for new drug development by AI companies from around the world in one place,” said Lee Dong-ho, vice chairman of the Organizational Task Force for AI-based New Drug Development Platform at KPBMA.

Those who want to join the event can apply for the participation on the KPBMA’s homepage. It will cost 30,000 won ($27) per person.

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