Novo Nordisk Korea releases research results for rapid-acting insulin

Lee Han-soo  Published 2018.10.18  17:22  Updated 2018.10.18 17:22


Novo Nordisk Korea said Thursday said that it has presented the results of ONSET, a clinical trial for rapid-acting mealtime insulin, Fiasp, at the International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism 2018.

The treatment is insulin that acts similar to endogenous insulin with the addition of vitamin B3 and L-arginine amino acid compared to conventional fast-acting insulin. ONSET is a randomized, double-blind, treat-to-target clinical study conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Fiasp.

The rapid absorption of insulin in the body immediately suppresses the production of glucose in the liver and effectively alleviates postprandial hyperglycemia in peripheral tissues.

As a result of phase 3 clinical trial, which compared Fiasp with Novorapid on diabetes type 1 patients, Fiasp demonstrated reduced glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and superiority in postprandial blood glucose compared to the Novorapid group.

Also, the onset of action and insulin exposure were twice faster within a 30 minute period when compared to NovoRapid, and had a 74 percent higher initial blood glucose lowering effect.

“Fiasp is characterized by shortened initial expression of five minutes compared to fast-acting insulin, effectively reducing postprandial blood glucose,” said Henrik Jarlov, director of Medical Affairs and Science at Novo Nordisk.

Fiasp, which proved efficacy and safety profile in ONSET clinical trials, will be able to provide more effective blood glucose control for diabetic patients requiring post insult insulin treatment, he added.

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