Boryung’s antihypertensive drug tops ₩6 billion in monthly prescriptions.

Lee Han-soo  Published 2018.11.16  16:13  Updated 2018.11.16 16:13


Boryung Pharmaceutical said Friday its antihypertensive treatment Kanarb lineup has surpassed 6 billion won ($531,600) in monthly prescription sales.

According to UBIST, a market researcher for pharmaceuticals, the company’s Kanarb-series drugs – Kanarb, Kanarb Plus, Dukarb and Tuvero – recorded 6.1 billion won in sales in October.

“The achievements of the company’s Kanarb and affiliated medicines were thanks to the expansion of market share through continued investment in R&D,” the company said. “Our efforts to demonstrate superior value through continuous clinical trials also helped with the market expansion.”

The company’s lineup has demonstrated its clinical value through continuous clinical trials on 40,000 patients and 80 papers, including a large local clinical trial participated by 14,151 patients after its approval, it added. “Although the number of papers published for clinical trials on locally developed drugs has increased, the Kanarb lineup is the only drug that has a large-scale clinical research data,” the company said.

Recently, the company held a Fimasartan symposium at the 2018 International Society of Hypertension in China, to announce the latest clinical trial results for Dukarb and Tuvero.

Also, Boryung is actively continuing clinical studies and increasing clinical value in foreign countries such as Mexico and Russia where it has confirmed the superior blood pressure-lowering effect and safety through local licensed clinical trials.

The company plans to expand global market share by launching the drug in Singapore and Malaysia earlier this year while preparing to launch the treatment in Europe.

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