YD Life Science to distribute Fresenius Kabi’s cell-processing system

Lee Han-soo  Published 2019.03.13  16:35  Updated 2019.03.13 16:35


YD Life Science said Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Fresenius Kabi Korea to distribute the latter’s cell-processing system, “Lovo,” in Korea.

YD Life Science CEO Lee Jin-woo (right) and Fresenius Kabi Korea CEO Park Ju-ho hold up their agreement for cell-processing system Lovo on Tuesday.

The Fresenius Group, based in Germany, operates more than 3,800 dialysis clinics and 140 hospitals worldwide. The company recorded an annual sale of 44 trillion won ($39.1 billion) from medical devices and blood bag products in 2017.

Lovo is a cell therapy solution with various functions such as immunomagnetic selection system, leukocyte cleaning system, cell cleaning system, and low-temperature activation system.

The immunomagnetic selection system provides rapid and straightforward support for the automated generation of selective preparations by magnetism. When using Lovo 3.0 software, companies can measure the incubation time and apply it to its protocol design procedure.

The leukocyte cleaning system is a system that removes platelets from white blood cells. It is a system that quickly removes platelets while protecting total nucleated cells and cell viability even for fragile cells.The system also increases operational efficiency as cells continually flow in and out of Lovo’s spinning membrane module, minimizing overall processing time. Lovo handles source volumes from a milliliter to 22 liters and processes 200ml in approximately seven minutes, while removing up to 99.9 percent of supernatant or cell culture media and maintaining the essential properties of the cell.

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