Dong-A ST posts robust Q1 profit

Lee Han-soo  Published 2019.05.03  16:49  Updated 2019.05.03 16:49


Dong-A ST said Friday that it recorded sales of 142.6 billion won ($121.8 million) in the first quarter of this year, up 5.2 percent from a year ago.

Dong-A ST headquarters in Yongdu-dong, eastern Seoul

The company also registered 20.5 billion won in operating profit, up 94.6 percent while posting a net profit of 22.3 billion won, a drastic 195.6 percent increase, over the cited period.

"Sales grew year on year thanks to the ETC division following the growth of flagship products such as Suganon, Motilitone, Jublia, and Growtropin-II, and other sales growth such as Suganon's license-out commission and settlement of GSK's sales alliance," the company said.

Notably, the sales of Suganon and Motilitone are expanding due to marketing alliance effect, and Growtropin is increasing sales after adding new indications and an upgrade which has improved patient convenience, it said.

Jublia is also expanding sales with superior effectiveness and safety, the company said.

Although the export volume of Bacchus expanded, the company's overseas sales slightly declined due to a drop in orders for Growtropin from the Brazilian government, it said.

"The R&D for the company's major pipelines is proceeding smoothly," Dong-A ST said in a news release. "They include DA-1241, a diabetes treatment candidate, DA-9805, a Parkinson's disease treatment candidate and DA-8010, a nominee for treating irritable cystitis."

The company plans to release Suganon in India, and is preparing to apply for sales approval in Russia and Brazil, it added.

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