GC MS to export cholesterol-gauging device to China

Lee Han-soo  Published 2019.06.13  16:09  Updated 2019.06.13 17:39


GC MS, a company specializing in diagnostic reagents and medical devices, will supply “Greencare Lipid,” a cholesterol measurement device, to Horron in China.

GC MS CEO Ahn Eun-uk (left) and Horron CEO Jack Wang signed a supply contract, at Horron headquarters in Guangdong, China, on Wednesday.

Under an accord, GC MS will supply $9.7 million worth of Greencare Lipid to Horron for four years. GC MS will provide semi-finished products and technology while Horron will produce and sell them.

The Korean company said it expects to accelerate entry into the Chinese point-of-care testing market and expand its market share, as the company signed a supply contract for its glycated hemoglobin monitoring system with Horron last year.

Greencare Lipid is a medical device that can simultaneously measure total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglyceride within two minutes and 30 seconds after blood sampling. The product also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making it is very portable and easy to store patient data.

“With two contracts under our belt, we have laid a foundation for expanding our position in China’s diagnosis market,” GC MS CEO Ahn Eun-uk said. “We are planning to expand global market share through export strategies that take into account market conditions by country.”

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