Yuyu holds 3rd annual compliance program workshop

Lee Han-soo  Published 2019.07.11  12:09  Updated 2019.07.11 12:09


Yuyu Pharmaceutical said that it has finished its third annual “Self-Compliance Day” workshop for the company’s senior managers.

Yuyu Pharmaceutical CEO Robert Yu speaks to his employees during the annual compliance program workshop at the company headquarters in Yaksu-dong, Seoul, on Wednesday.

“Through this workshop every year, Yuyu’s compliance team has helped employees gain a better understanding of the process of the compliance management system and share best practices,” the company said. “The team has also trained senior managers on how to identify the right employees to lead the implementation of the system.”

Training includes grasping what resources are available and what is needed to develop a stronger compliance system at a local level, identifying roles and responsibilities of a compliance leader and team members, and drafting appropriate job descriptions, the Yuyu said in a news release.

CEO Robert Yu said, “Talented people, vibrant corporate culture, and compliance are key components for Yuyu’s future growth and success. Through this workshop, I hope our employees will become better managers and help the company grow in line with global standards.”

Yuyu Pharma has been implementing several changes to improve transparency since 2016.

The company’s compliance team has developed compliance procedures and guidelines for all departments, especially for sales and marketing teams. The compliance management committee convenes every month to review team progress.

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