'Development of new psoriasis treatments good news for patients'

Lee Han-soo  Published 2019.10.28  13:56  Updated 2019.10.28 15:35


Development of new psoriasis treatments is helping psoriasis patients both therapeutically and financially, the Korean Society for Psoriasis (KSP) said.

Professor Cho Sung-jin, Korean Society for Psoriasis’ public relations director, explains how new treatments have helped improve the quality of life for psoriasis patients during a news conference on Monday.

"Recently, the environment for treating psoriasis has continuously improved," said Professor Cho Sung-jin, the public relations director for the KSP, during a news conference. "New drugs are being developed, ranging from the most widely used ointments to biologicals used for severe psoriasis."

Notably, the recently introduced biological agents have a superior therapeutic effect compared to existing treatments, and the proportion of patients who are seeing most of their lesions disappear is also increasing, he added. The new drugs also allowed patients who have given up treatment in the past due to limited options, providing them chances to return to their daily lives.”

"Besides, the recent price calculating system has also helped ease the financial burden of severe psoriasis patients to receive treatment for a long time," Cho said.

KSP also announced its intentions to change the public perception of psoriasis.

Although psoriasis is a relatively common disease that affects about 0.5 percent of Korea's population, many patients with psoriasis suffer from misunderstandings and biases caused by skin lesions. People with psoriasis often complain of social and emotional difficulties, including direct and indirect restrictions on access to public spaces such as swimming pools, beauty salons, and gyms.

One study found that more than one-third of patients with psoriasis have had problems with their social life due to psoriasis.

"Psoriasis is a disorder in a patient's immune system and cannot be transmitted or inherited," said Professor Choi Yoo-sung, a KSP member. "Misunderstandings and prejudice in the general public have caused patients to undergo additional psychological trauma, however."

The doctor group said that it would conduct various activities to help psoriasis patients in Korea and improve their quality of life, such as holding a psoriasis class.

The class will provide health information and counseling by psoriasis specialists to deliver information that helps practically manage and treat psoriasis and help psoriasis treatment in the long term.

To correct false information psoriasis online, the KSP also plans to run a separate page for psoriasis patients on its website (

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