Foreign trainee doctors to get easier extension of training

Kwak Sung-sun  Published 2019.12.06  12:42  Updated 2019.12.06 12:42


Foreign doctors receiving training at local medical institutions will find an easier way to extend their training period, the government said.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said it would revise the “notification on the approval of limited medical practice during the domestic training of foreign doctors and dentists” by Dec. 17.

The revision aims to secure administrative efficiency when allowing foreign trainee doctors to perform medical practice in a limited scope.

Under the new rule, foreign doctors do not have to submit the overlapping document that they had reported to apply for an extension of medical training initially.

The government simplified documents required for the period extension. They include a copy of the approval letter issued at the time of initial approval, a training plan for the extended period, and a copy of the passport and the expatriate registration card of the foreign trainee doctor.

Also, the government added a new section of training guidance and co-working specialist change in the application form for performing limited medical practice. The government also clarified the method to record the training period to improve administrative efficiency.

“The revision’s goal is to enhance the quality of training when allowing foreign doctors to perform medical practice on local and foreign patients at local medical institutions,” the health and welfare ministry said in a statement.

The government allowed foreign trainee doctors at domestic hospitals to perform limited medical practice in 2013.

The health and welfare minister can approve foreign applicants with clinical experience for more than three years to practice medicine at a local hospital for up to one year, on the condition that they receive at least three months of prior training.

In case a foreign doctor requests approval of medical practice during training for more than one year, which was decided between countries or governments, the review committee of the health and welfare ministry can decide on the matter.

If a foreign doctor receives the nod, he or she should get a patient’s consent at the teaching hospital and perform medicine within the scope of approval in the presence of a guiding specialist.

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