JW Bioscience to market JEOL's biochemical analysis equipment

Lee Han-soo  Published 2020.01.14  16:21  Updated 2020.01.14 16:21


JW Bioscience, a subsidiary of JW Holdings, said that it would exclusively market JEOL's biochemical analysis equipment in Korea.

JW Bioscience CEO Hahm Eun-kyung (right) and Shin Saitoh, a JEOL executive responsible for medical equipment, signed the marketing agreement at JW Tower in Seocho-gu, Seoul, on Monday.

JEOL is a multinational manufacturer of electron microscopes and other scientific instruments, industrial equipment, and medical equipment headquartered in Japan. It is a top company in the Japanese biochemistry market and runs an offshoot in Korea, too – JEOL Korea.

Under the accord, JW Bioscience will exclusively market JEOL's biochemical analysis equipment and will use its diagnostic reagent R&D technology to develop its reagent for the devices.

The Japan-headquartered company plans to supply JCA-BM6010, JCA-BM6070, JCA-BM8000 series, which examines various specimens such as blood and urine by a chemical method to diagnose disease and identify the effect of treatment, to JW Bioscience.

According to JW Bioscience, the JCA-BM8000 series, the latest model, can test up to 9,000 biomarkers per hour.

"These products use proprietary micro-volume technology to improve inspection accuracy and reliability, and it is economical by being easier for maintenance than its competitors," the company said. "Its compact design can also increase space use and minimizes user movement."

While the existing products could only use the reagents of the manufacturer, JEOL’s devices also allow companies to select high-quality reagents of various reagent manufacturers, which leads to optimal test performance, the company noted.

JW Bioscience plans to develop biochemical diagnostic reagents in the future and increase its share in the local diagnostic market, which has been dominated by the Japanese and other foreign makers, it added.

"It will be a good opportunity to study and commercialize various diagnostic reagents of JW by introducing diagnostic devices that are recognized for their superiority and safety," a company official said. "As the two companies began collaborating with a long-term roadmap, we will expand our presence in the biochemical analysis equipment market with differentiated sales and marketing strategies."

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