Hanmi Pharmaceutical renews yearly profit records

Shim Hyun-tai  Published 2020.02.10  12:29  Updated 2020.02.10 16:08


Hanmi Pharmaceutical said that it recorded 1.11 trillion won ($937 million) in sales, 104 billion won in operating profit, and 63.9 billion won in net profit last year.

It was the first time Hanmi’s operating profit exceeded 100 billion won, thanks to accumulated gains from its technology export since 2015.

"Sales increased 9.6 percent, operating profit jumped 24.3 percent, and net profit surged 86.8 percent, compared with 2018,” it said. “With the earnings, Hanmi invested 210 billion won ($177 million), 18.8 percent of sales, in research and development, one of the largest among Korean pharmaceuticals.”

Hanmi Pharmaceutical's sales of its three sales boosters -- Amozaltan family (hypertension therapy complex drug), Rosuzet (hyperlipidemia therapy complex new drug), and Esomezol (reflux esophagitis therapy new drug) -- grew significantly to 98.1 billion won, 77.3 billion won, and 34.2 billion won respectively.

Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s sales also increased to 254.4 billion won, along with with the operating profit to 43.6 billion won, and net profit of 37.4 billion won, up 11.5 percent, 1.4 percent, and 1.1 percent, respectively, from the previous year. Hanmi’s Chinese offshoot invested 25 billion won ($ 21.1 million), 9.8 percent of sales, in R&D.

According to consolidated financial statements, Hanmi Science, the holding company of Hanmi Pharmaceuticals Group, registered sales, operating profit, and net profit of 816.6 billion won, 38 billion won, and 30.7 billion won, respectively, in 2019.

"We will speed up our challenge to become a world-class pharmaceutical company with innovative and sustainable growth,” Hanmi Pharmaceutical President Wu Jong-soo said.

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