Korea eases visa extension rules for Chinese caregivers

Song Soo-youn  Published 2020.02.13  15:07  Updated 2020.02.13 15:07


The government has relaxed visa extension rules for Chinese caregivers working in Korea. The move reflected the public’s concerns that the Chinese workers might be exposed to the risk of the new coronavirus during their visit to China required for a visa extension.

The Ministry of Justice recently released a notice to help Koreans with Chinese nationality who face an expiration of stay extend their visa to avoid the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus in China.

Among Koreans with Chinese nationality staying in Korea, those on the H-2 visa for work and visit, their families on the F-1 visa, and those on the C-3-8 visa for a visit as overseas Koreans can apply for a visa extension if their permit expires within a month. Those on the H-2 and families on the F-1 visa can submit the application on the internet on

The Chinese caregivers also can extend their stays if they visit the Immigration Office with a passport and a foreigner registration card.

“To minimize visits to China by these caregivers, we need to loosen the requirements for visa status and visa extension procedures temporarily,” said Lim Young-jin, president of the Korean Hospital Association.

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