Severance gave new life to Kenyan suffering from spinal disorders

Shim Hyun-tai  Published 2020.02.13  17:13  Updated 2020.02.13 17:13


The Severance Hospital gave a new life to a Kenyan teenager by treating his life-threatening scoliosis and kyphosis with pulmonary rehabilitation method.

Leshan Kisakui, 17, did not even know the cause of his illness because he lost his parents a decade ago while suffering from extreme pain. A Korean missionary has since been taking care of him since. His severe physical deformation diminished chest space, stunted the growth of his heart and lung, and dislocated these organs.

Professor Choi Won-ah is checking the breath of Leshan Kusaku, a 17-year-old Kenyan, at the Severance Hospital as part of treating the latter’s scoliosis and kyphosis.

The Severance Hospital said that Leshan's pulmonary function was about 30 percent of healthy people, and he would have died from breathing failure in a few years.

He visited Korea to treat his spinal distortion with the help from the Rice of Love Sharing Movement Headquarters Corp. (RLSMH). However, he could not endure general anesthesia because of his severely weakened pulmonary function by the time the hospital diagnosed the possibility of spinal surgery.

However, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center at the hospital offered to help. The center thought that Leshan could maintain his life if the pulmonary rehabilitation treatment can smooth his breathing condition. He was hospitalized at the center in December 2019, and a week of therapy improved his breathing. Leshan was able to breathe normally by using a respirator for a certain amount of time a day. Leshan was hospitalized again in January and was discharged after the final breath test and rehabilitation. He will return to Kenya next Tuesday.

"I could hardly move because of shortness of breath, but now I feel like I got a new life," said Leshan. "I will study hard and contribute to developing Kenya and share the love that I received from Korea."

The Severance Hospital supported Leshan’s treatment cost, and RLSMH helped to purchase respirators raising funds.

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