GE Healthcare to launch chest X-ray equipped with Lunit’s platform

Lee Han-soo  Published 2020.06.22  17:23  Updated 2020.06.22 17:23


Lunit said that GE Healthcare has launched Thoracic Care Suite, an artificial intelligence-based X-ray analysis solution designed to spot and highlight lung abnormality, using algorithms built by Lunit.

Based on Lunit's proprietary technology, the AI suite quickly analyzes chest X-ray findings and flags abnormalities to radiologists for review, including pneumonia, which may be indicative of COVID-19 as well as tuberculosis, lung nodules, and other radiological findings.

Thoracic Care Suite is available in hospitals without the fear of annual fees, and the technology installation does not require customers to engage with additional installation projects.

According to the two companies, the partnership is one of the first of its kind to bring commercially available AI products from a medical AI startup to an existing X-ray equipment manufacturer.

“With about 1.44 billion chest X-ray exams taking place each ear, radiologists are overwhelmed, especially as they may be looking for multiple indications per exam,” GE Healthcare said.

The firm believes that the Thoracic Care Suite harnesses the power of AI to help alleviate these pressures by automatically analyzing images.

“The launch of our Thoracic Care Suite is a part of GE Healthcare’s larger effort to help ensure clinicians and partners on the front lines have the equipment they need to diagnose and effectively treat COVID-19 patients quickly,” GE Healthcare President & CEO Kieran Murphy said. “This new offering is the latest example of how x-ray and AI can uphold the highest standard of patient care amidst the most modern disease threats.”

Lunit CEO Suh Beom-seok also said, “To have our AI made available through GE Healthcare is a significant advancement in delivering solutions to various customers and bringing us all one step closer to embracing AI as a part of today’s standard of care.”

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